Beauty on Trial – The Tria Home Laser Hair Removal Device


Getting older may make you wiser but it also makes hairier.  And sadly not hairier on your head.  That hair thins and degrades as the years go by, whilst the hair everywhere else seems take on a life of its own.  Hashtag nice.

If I had the time, and the money to invest, I would have professional laser hair removal treatments and (more-or-less) get rid of the lot.  I don’t need it and there’s no bigger grooming bore than shaving your legs everyday or paying for the pleasure of a bikini wax.  So I was more than interested by all the press surrounding the launch of Tria Beauty – a home laser device that promises permanent hair removal results at home.  The manufacturers claim that after three months of using the Tria, the hair follicles that have been ‘deactivated’ by the device won’t grow back.  And then you simply use it for touch-ups every few months.  Sounds amazing, but does it actually work?  At £375 I don’t wish to make an expensive mistake.  But versus the cost of professional salon treatments which (in London) costs around £40 per treatment session for small areas like the under arms up to £300 (sometimes more) per treatment session for the front and backs of the legs – there really is no price comparison.  And after some pretty extensive online research of customer reviews of the Tria – 4-out-of-5 reporting very positive experiences and results I was sold.  So I got one, charged the device and here I am – ready for my first at-home session.

For reasons I presume of safety and data collection you have to register your Tria online on the manufacturers website before embarking on your first treatment.  You also need to make sure that the skin in the area that’s being lasered is clean and freshly shaven.  A slight hassle I have to say – if I had time to shave my legs I wouldn’t have been tempted in buying the Tria in the first place.  But hey, short-term pain, long-term gain – hopefully.  So I dutifully showered and shaved my lower legs so I was properly prepped.

Once the Tria has been turned on you need to unlock the laser by placing the red light at the bottom of the device on the area of skin you are treating.  This will make sure it’s suitable for your skin tone.   No problems there.  You then choose a treatment level between 1 and 5, which – non-technically speaking – equates to the pain fresh-hold you can bear.  One being the least painful and 5 being ouchy-mumma.  Pain of this kind doesn’t bother me.  Beauty costs pain as my grandmother once told me and frankly, if you’ve gone through labour twice and birth twice, a pain akin to a ‘rubber band snapping against the skin’ can bite me so I started at level 3.  Totally bearable but if you haven’t had kids – or you’re a man – start at level 1.

There’s a guide in the instruction leaflet as to how many times you have to ‘bleep’ each area.  The legs need – wait for it – a hefty 600 bleeps each!  Luckily an electronic counter on the top of the Tria keeps count for you – and it’s actually an efficient process.  I’d done both legs in about 40 minutes whilst watching the television.  So that’s my first treatment done.  The next one should be done in two weeks time for a total duration of three months.  You shouldn’t expect to notice much after the first treatment – I didn’t – but after the second treatment is when the magic’s suppose to happen.  Let’s see.  I’ll report back in two weeks.

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